Simply stay safe

Staying inspired when everything around us is upside down can be tough.

At Grin And Bear we are proud of doing the best we can to keep ourselves and our families safe. We want to be able to do as much as we can to lead normal lives, without putting ourselves or others at significant risk.

Our aim is to empower you to be free to be you. To express your individuality and your style whilst staying safe.

Keep a smile (grin) on your face

Everything we make at Grin And Bear has got Grin on it. Grin's there so there's always a little smile to help you and other's through the day.

A smile can be the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake...

Bear with us

We're putting a brave face on. When the going get's tough it's an opportunity to show ourselves and other's what we're made of, to access our inner bear!

Bear features on everything we make, as a reminder to show our strength and our courage. That we protect the health of ourselves and our loved ones first.

Bear also refers to the care we are expressing as part of a wider community - globally & locally - the level of respect we show for people by wearing masks and face coverings to protect others.

Putting a brave face on

Our masks are part of our amoury against this invisible foe. When we put our masks on we're not only doing it for ourselves, we're doing it for the good of others.