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Answer 1

Question 1

What do you think of the Grin And Bear brand & logo? What do you like and dislike? Who do you think it would appeal to?

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Answer 2

Question 2

What do you think of the Grin And Bear website? What would you change if you could do anything?

Answer 3

Question 3

Considering the Grin And Bear product range (i.e. masks, neck warmers, t-shirts) do you think the range of products is appropriate? What would you add or remove?

Answer 4

Question 4

Considering the Grin And Bear product designs, which are your top 2 favourites? Which are your least favourites? Would you buy any of them in the next 3 months?

Answer 5

Question 5

Considering the Grin And Bear pricing, do you think the prices of the products is right? If not, what would you change?

Answer 6

Question 6

What designs would you like to see? If we had those, would you buy them?

Answer 7

Question 7

What kind of offers or deals would you expect or want to see - i.e. 10% off first purchase or similar

Answer 8

Question 8

Would you consider buying matching face mask and neck warmer? Are there any other product combinations you'd buy?

Answer 9

Question 9

Do you have any other suggestions for Grin And Bear?

Answer 10

Question 10

Other comments / notes

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Question 11

Answer 12

Question 12

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Question 13

Answer 14

Question 14

Answer 15

Question 15

Answer 16

Question 16

Answer 17

Question 17

Answer 18

Question 18

Answer 19

Question 19

Answer 20

Question 20

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Answer 21

Question 21

Answer 22

Question 22

Answer 23

Question 23

Answer 24

Question 24

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Answer 26

Question 26

Answer 27

Question 27

Answer 28

Question 28

Answer 29

Question 29

Answer 30

Question 30

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